Prescription drug overdose


  1. Construct an overview to introduce your identified population health issue and its relationship to the health of the American public.
  • Include a problem statement and an introduction to the issue.
  • Describe the incidence and prevalence of the problem in epidemiologic terms, if appropriate, citing your sources.
  • Discuss the rationale for selecting the issue.  What is its significance or importance in relation to population health, social justice or other ethical principles?
  1. Perform a comprehensive review the literature and include an annotated reference list from a variety of fields other than nursing to answer the questions below.
  • Include the following parameters, if appropriate: identification of the at-risk populations; identification of risk factors, causes, known prevention measures; any efficacious, evidenced-based diagnosis and treatment that may be available/not available for the at-risk population and this specific health problem.
  • Do inequities exist?  If yes, please describe and document your sources.
  • What situations/barriers exist that prevent elimination or decrease in this health problem or might amplify the problem?
  • What situations/supports exist in the community that facilitate prevention, elimination or decrease in this health problem?
  1. This paper should analyze the public health issue in terms of the justice, legal, regulatory, data and advanced practice issues.  Be sure to identify how your discussion relates to the objectives ofHealthy People 2020.

What strategies or policies have been used to address the issue? Are they working?  Why or why not? What strategies do you propose to improve the situation?  Is legislative change needed?

  1. What are the implications of this issue for advanced practice nursing and/or public health? Provide a summation of your findings and how this public health policy analysis can be used in multiple communities across the US – and how you might be able to apply and utilize this data in your capstone project.

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Prescription drug overdose
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