Phi101 writing assignment

Select one of the following prompts and write a response addressing the questions given. Each response should be in your own words and a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 750 words.

Use the content of the philosophical readings from this lesson to prepare your responses. Cite appropriately.

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Phi101 writing assignment
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Prompt A

What, according to Descartes, are the essential differences between body and soul? What are his principal reasons for believing that these differences exist? Do you believe that the body and soul differ essentially? If so, what are your reasons for believing that they do? If not, why? Support your position with references to the material and be sure to cite properly.

Prompt B

Compare and contrast Hume’s views about the nature of the self with the views of Plato. What does each say happens to the self when a person dies? What do you think will happen to your “self” when you die? On what grounds do you hold these beliefs? Support your answer with reference to the material and adequate reason. Be sure to cite properly.

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