Case Question Prompts

Steps for this assignment:

Read the “Case Question Prompts” below that are provided in this Pre-Work Assignment so that you know what is expected of you in the Pre-Work write up (10 points).
Read through the Background Reading material which also covers the 3 markets that your company Backbay Battery will be playing in during this Tutorial/Trial round. CLICK HERE to READ THE BACKGROUND READING 1
. Make sure you capture some notes as you read to help you prepare this Pre-Work assignment and prepare for your Trial run in class.
Now Log into your Harvard Coursepack for ENT448 course. Go to Strategic Innovation Simulation: Backbay Battery v3. Open the Sim. You will find yourself in the PREPARE AND TUTORIAL mode as of now. Go through the Tutorial. Make sure you capture some notes to further help answering the Pre-Work assignment.
Finish up your Pre-Work assignment and submit through this link (doc, docx, pdf file only).

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Case Question Prompts
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Note: The Sim will become open to “play” for this ungraded trial round during regular class time on Oct 14th after you are introduced to whole Sim assignment in class. Trial round will remain open after class until Oct 15th Fri 11:59pm…with up to 5 rounds…you will have plenty of time and opportunity to “mess around” and become familiar in a “low-risk” setting.

This short Pre-Work write-up assignment is to incentivize you to read the background on your business, explore the Simulation with the mindset of you being the President of Backbay Battery Inc., start (its going to be a journey!) exploring the layout/data-sets and thereby the decisions involved…before you start exploiting the data-sets and info to do well according to your expectations.

Format: 1 page max, Times Roman, 1” margin around, 12 point, Single spacing. Submit through Canvas

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