BUL 3320 Discussion 1 EASY 3 questions

Assume you have a job interview next Tuesday. You have been informed that the interview process will take almost all day. You realize that you will not be able to make it to your work next Tuesday at your current job. How do you proceed with your current employer?

1. Should you tell the truth? If so, would your current job be in jeopardy? Would your employer think you are disloyal and, as a result, not consider you in the future for a raise or promotion?

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BUL 3320 Discussion 1 EASY 3 questions
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2. Should you lie? For example, you could tell your current employer that you need the day off because you have to go to the doctor.

3. Should you just wait until Tuesday morning and “call in sick”? Which of these alternatives are legal? Which are ethical? Are you influenced most by the formalist approach (basically mandates that a person should act in a manner that he or she believes that everyone should act) or consequentialist approach (focuses on the consequences of the action rather than the action itself) to ethical decision-making?


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