Written Assignment Questions

Question 1:

Go to this link on antibiotic action. Pick one of the three antibiotics that are shown in the animation. Go through the animation and describe in detail and in your own words how this antibiotic affects the growth of microbes. Highlight the action of the antibiotic on certain types of bacterial cell walls. Give examples of bacterial infections that can be treated with these antibiotics.

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Written Assignment Questions
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Question 2:

Miya fell in the playground and a splinter got stuck in her arm. Describe in your own words and in detail how Mia’s immune system will react to the splinter in her arm. What is this reaction called and what are the immune cells and proteins/molecules involved.

Question 3:

John was affected by a cold virus. His symptoms started with difficulty in breathing, runny nose and fatigue. The symptoms worsened at the beginning of the infection and after about 4 days, he started to feel better. His immune system was successful in combating the cold virus. Explain in your own words and in detail which immune system will be activated (humoral or Cell mediated). Describe how John’s immune cells were able to kill the virus infected cells. If John is infected by the same virus in the future, how will his immune system react to the virus? And what will be the strength of the immune response?

Question 4:

Marc checked in to the urgent care with symptoms of fever, sore throat and fatigue. His strep test turned out to be positive. Streptococcus is an extracellular pathogen. Describe in detail which immune system will be activated in Marc’s body and how will his immune cells fight the bacterium. (name all the molecules, cell structures and cells involved).

All your answers should be detailed and written in your own words. It will be graded on the quality of your essays. A minimum of 3 citations are required for your written assignment. Scientific journals should be cited in APA format. You can include images/drawings where needed but provide the reference for the image

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