Sexuality Fluidity in Todays World

Goal: The goal of this assignment is to write a well-developed paper that explores the interpersonal communication topics from your week four outline and annotated bibliography assignment.

Please note that your paper must conform to APA guidelines for research papers. A sample paper in APA format has been attached for your reference.

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Sexuality Fluidity in Todays World
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A minimum of five scholarly source references are required for this assignment. If all five sources from your annotated bibliography were not approved as scholarly, you must find and include enough to have five. Credible sources can be included as well

The goal of the assignment is to allow you to gain greater insight on a given topic and provide an opportunity for self-enrichment. APA guidelines limit the number of direct quotes that can be used in a research paper to only two or three brief quotes. You should express ideas in your own words, paraphrasing and summarizing accurately. All quotes, paraphrases, and summaries must be properly documented. This website will help you to understand how to quote and paraphrase effectively:

Your paper must be a minimum of five pages, double spaced, using one-inch margins on all sides–no extra. The requiretle and reference pages DO NOT count toward the minimum number of pages of content that are required.

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