Mixed Methods research study using Multiple Regression

Assesses Learning Outcomes:

1. Develop an ethically and methodologically sound empirical research study exploring a pertinent psychological theory by using qualitative and quantitative research.

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Mixed Methods research study using Multiple Regression
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2. Analyse, interpret, and critically evaluate the findings of the study to form coherent conclusions about the research question(s).
. The word limit excludes the title page (including declarations), abstract, reference section and appendices. Tables, figures and in-text citations are included in your word limit. Words beyond the word count will NOT be reviewed for grading.

The empirical report will require you to conduct a study that uses multiple regression and thematic analysis to analyse data.

Multiple regression

The general purpose of multiple regression is to learn more about the relationship between several independent or predictor variables (PV) and a dependent or outcome variable (OV). For this report, you will have two predictor/independent variables and one outcome/dependent variable.

Thematic analysis

You should provide a summary of all themes/findings and introduction of theme(s) to be discussed. You should include a structured analysis e.g. with quotations illustrating analytic or interpretative points. Present no more than 1 theme with 2-3 subthemes that are grounded in the data.

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