Gender and pay discrimination in the workplace

Essay #2 – Compare/Contrast

For essay #2, you will write a 3-4 page essay that summarizes and responds to a two (2) articles/essays you have chosen & read. The articles must conform to our current theme which is the current issues in gender, identity, and intersectionality. You will use one of the two compare/contrast formats presented in your textbook (see p.426), the block method or the point-by-point method.

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Gender and pay discrimination in the workplace
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You may choose the articles so long as they are chosen from reputable and academically accepted sources…think “Library Lesson.” Part of your grade is based on the suitability of your articles, so choose wisely. If you have a question about your choice, see me. Further, short articles, which you may be tempted to choose, are not always the easier on which to write. There may not be much of interest on which to respond.

You will be prepared to complete this essay assignment through the activities that lead up to the essay. See below “Scaffolding of Essay Assignment #2.” Our ET and I will lead you through a series of lessons/activites designed to introduce you to and give you practice in the skills you will need to write the paper.

Your essay should include the following paragraphs:

An introduction with a thesis
A conclusion that synthesizes (not summarizes) your essay.
Body paragraphs, a sufficient number to fully compare/contrast.
You will receive more direction on this in class. Be sure to take notes. Plus, use the skills you learned in class and in the chapter in your text on compare/contrast (Chapter 40, pages 424-431).

You are encouraged to quote your articles, using the exact wording. Be sure to cite! (Think plagiarism.)

Avoiding plagiarism should be a primary aim. This is done by citing your source(s) and providing a works cited page. This is an area on which we will spend much time in class. Remember, if you plagiarize, you will receive a zero for the paper with no chance to redo it.

Required and graded is an M.L.A. works cited page. this page will include the articles you read and wrote about, in proper M.L.A. format. You have sufficient skills to determine what that is if you do not already know.

Formatting requirements:

Header, as per the syllabus
1” margins on all sides (not 1.5”)
Times New Roman
12-point font
No cover page
Grading of the essay is done on a 100-point scale with the grade weighted at 15% of your overall grade. Your score is computed using the rubric shared with you in class, a copy of which you have. The rubric is your target. Review the components of the rubric and aim to do your best in those areas.

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