Design Alternatives & Constraints

Design Alternatives & Constraints


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Design Alternatives & Constraints
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• 8-10 pages report in length, excluding figures, tables,

• Executive summary (max 1/2 page), cover page, and table of content are needed but are not included within the page equations and references. limit count.

• Report should emphasize the design alternatives considered and the criteria used to select a “best” alternative.

• Report should also emphasize all relevant design constraints

• Project management aspects of the selected design should be outlined, including tasks breakdown, work schedule, team members’ roles, and resource identification,

• Describe your progress on the project so far and the meetings conducted with your Mentor(s). State your challenges and how to overcome them.

•IEEE style

•different place of sources (books, journals, magazines,,,)
****[3 Designs choose the best one then write it’s constraints]

(the constraints are the limitations to reach the objective of the project. the thing that will prevent or delay you from reaching the goals. Such as government rolls regarding creating components or wast quantity and so on,,,)




I have uploaded:

1- project description

2- Literature review
3- two Lecture notes (Design constraints & Decision making and selection)

4- previous assignment > to know how it should look like
5- pdf where you will find good sources

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