Analysis of effective transitioning process for new OIG employees

Analysis of effective transitioning process for new OIG employees
What are the practices and policies in place for new OIG imployees to successfully start their new role at OIG? What are the rooms for improvements?

Project description and rationale
What is the focus of your capstone project?
Why is this project important?
How does your project align with a larger organizational objective (mission, vision, strategy, etc.)?
Key stakeholders (Specific people and groups)
People who will be important to the success of the project. Who are they and why are they important?
People who will be impacted by the project. Who are they and how will they be impacted?
Communication plan (please create a table)
Mode of communication – email, phone, in-person, etc.
Frequency and time – how frequent and how much time are you anticipating?
What type of information do you anticipate sharing with each stakeholder group?
Data gathering
Design – Do you have access to gather primary data from your stakeholders? What methods will you choose?
Collection – How much time will you need to collect the data? Are your stakeholders available to you? When will you be able to conduct your data gathering? What secondary data will you need/want to collect?
Analysis – How much time do you need to analyze your findings?
Goals and metrics
What does success on this project look like?
What are the measures of success – short and long term?
Research Plan Rubric

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Analysis of effective transitioning process for new OIG employees
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The final PowerPoint presentation should have parallels to the executive summary and, again, can take a different format if you used something like the TOC tool to frame your project. The elements overlap extensively.

The presentation should be built as a PowerPoint and should be 10 slides.

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