Week 7 Assignment 1: Procedures Reflection


Reflecting on your work allows you to understand the successes and challenges of your project. These insights will further allow you to better respond to future situations by facilitating a transfer of learning from one project to the next. While the Procedures assignment is a collaborative project, this reflection is an individual assignment.

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Week 7 Assignment 1: Procedures Reflection
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Write a reflection on your work in progress on the procedures project: Project 2A: Procedures

What was the biggest challenge in finding a topic? How did your group end up selecting a topic and moving forward?
How has your group started to work together to draft procedures? What is working well with your group? What concerns do you have with your group?
What has been the biggest challenge in writing procedures? What has been the biggest success in writing procedures?
What have you contributed to your group’s efforts so far?

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