Visual Studio Code

We are going to install software on your Windows computer and your Linux virtual machine. I have chosen Visual Studio Code as the recommended program. It is cross platform, running on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  The reason I picked Visual Studio Code (other than being cross platform) is that it is a useful source code editor, with extensions for many languages that you may use as you continue through your degree. Even if you don’t keep your virtual machines, I suggest you keep VSC installed after this class. Here is an intro video talking a bit about VSC, how to get the install files, and how to set it up.

You need to install Visual Studio Code on 2 different machines. That could be Windows and your virtual Linux setup, or maybe you have a Mac lying around and want to install it there. I don’t care which 2 OSes you use, but you need to install VSC on 2 different ones. Once you have VSC installed, you will need to take a screenshot of it in each OS. Start a new file, and type “This is YourName’s VSC file on OS.” E.g. Do this for both OSes, then answer the following questions: Which OS was easiest to install on? Why? What was different about the steps you took? What was the same? What differences (if any) were there in the install steps? What issues did you have installing/running VSC? Submit your answers directly or in a Word document by next lab.

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Visual Studio Code
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