The Matrix Question

The Matrix illustrates Plato’s divided line as well as our senses and what we believe is “Real”. This is about how our senses perceive reality.

In the Matrix, one of the characters decides that he would prefer the illusion of good food and a comfortable life to the reality of life and the struggles of that life. He makes a deal with Agent Smith to turn over Morpheus, one of the leaders of the group of people that are not connected to the Matrix.

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The Matrix Question
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Morpheus offers Neo two pills. One will have him stay in the Virtual world and the other would release him from captivity and release him into the Real world.

If the technology made it possible, would you choose a “Virtual” luxurious life filled with pleasure over pain or would you choose the “Real” world full of hardship and challenges? Why?

2-3 paragraphs (5 – 7 sentences per paragraph) is required. This is a complex prompt so be specific and detailed.

Below are 2 links to clips of The Matrix provided by my professor:

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