Never Caught by Erica Armstrong

I would like you to write a brief essay utilizing information you gather from Never Caught regarding life during the period in which Ona Judge lived. Your objective is not to write a book review, but to use your text as an historical source. The most important thing to convey is the significant historical information you have encountered while reading Never Caught. In assessing Never Caught for the purposes of this essay, the specific details of Ona Judge’s life are less important than the details of the world in which she lived. Ultimately, your task is to demonstrate that you have read the entire text and have, at least to some extent, thought about the material you have read.Here are some elements to consider: Without summarizing the book, what historical issues (a minimum of four) stand out to you after your reading? Here are some examples which you might use, but you can include any you come across: Life on the plantation of a prominent Virginian Relations between enslaver and enslaved Enslaved family relations The “inner life” of the enslaved Philadelphia in the Early Republic Life for a runaway slave George and Martha Washington What is the author’s argument, not what the book is “about,” but what is the central claim the author is making? [Dunbar’s argument concerns the ultimate desire of every slave. It could fit into various categories, in the list above it might fit best in the “inner life” of the enslaved. Has your opinion of George Washington changed? How would you categorize him? A great man? An evil monster as all enslavers were?

I want you to avoid narrating your paper. Please don’t start by telling me what you are going to tell me in the rest of your paper and please don’t conclude by telling me what you just told me in the rest of your paper. Just tell me. Once. I don’t need you to provide a road map; your paper is only a couple pages long. I won’t get lost.  Please do not summarize the book. That is not the point of this assignment.  When you refer to any information that comes from the text, whether you are quoting language or not, please cite it by placing the page number in parentheses after your reference.  You must provide the page number for any information you get from Never Caught. This is not limited to direct quotations. The following is an example of what I am asking you to do: The legal condition of colonial married women was known as “coverture.” This meant that the married woman was covered under her husband’s rights and that she had no independent legal status. (5-6)

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Never Caught by Erica Armstrong
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