Melville’s “Benito Cereno

** Research not required, just information from the text called “Benito Cereno.”

*** I chose the Prompt C, attach will be the file provided by the professor.

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Melville’s “Benito Cereno
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nMelville’s “Benito Cereno,” Captain Delano is described as a trusting soul, who never sees “malign evil in man.” Melville cautions his readers: “Whether in view of what humanity is capable, such a trait implies, along with a benevolent heart, more than ordinary quickness and accuracy of intellectual perception may be left to the wise to determine.”

Discuss how and why Delano’s innocence and his prejudices shape his perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and actions as he encounters Cereno and the “crew” (Babo and the other mutineers). Consider his beliefs and views on race, class, ethnicity, and human nature. Be as specific as possible.

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