Life Inside Angola Prison

Watch two documentaries about the Angola Prison in Louisiana- the documentaries can be found online:


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Life Inside Angola Prison
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The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison (sometimes called The Farm: Angola) (1998)
The Farm: 10 Down (sometimes called a Decade Behind Bars: Return to the Farm) (2007)

Between these two documentaries, the stories of seven inmates are told (not the warden or prison staff). Tell me those stories, as you heard them in the documentary, for each of the seven inmates. Be sure to include information from both documentaries when applicable. Title each story with the name of the inmate you are writing about ( please spell the names correctly). Each story should be 2 pages (double spaced) so watch the documentary as many times as you need to get the whole story on each inmate.


Now reflect on the documentaries as a whole and the setting they depict (look beyond the inmate’s stories). Identify and fully address five of the issues, circumstances, rules, policies, conditions, etc. in both documentaries that had the greatest impact on you. This part of the assignment is not focused on the inmate’s stories but on the prison and incarceration itself, so look hard behind the stories at how prison looks and feels to you. You are not trying to guess what I want you to write about in this section- look for those elements of prison that had the greatest impact on you not what you think I want to read. Title each issue with the name of the issue you are about to discuss. Your discussion of each issue should take at least one page- aim for two pages- do not short me in your discussion of the issues.

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