Leadership Self Evaluation

Developing as a leader requires the ability to reflect and conduct a self-evaluation. Please conduct a self-evaluation of your leadership skills and submit it to me via Canvas. This self-evaluation should include the following:

(30%) – Identify your areas of leadership strength and areas in need of improvement
(30%) – Incorporate the results of your ratings on the two Qualtrics leadership surveys you have done during the course (Survey 1 and 2). Your paper must include some numerical results from each survey, but you should focus on interpreting what the results mean rather than just summarizing your scores so you have an empirical basis for some of your reflections.
(30%) – Be sure to incorporate course material – even thoughtful reflections will receive a poor grade if they ignore the course material.
( 5%) – Identify specific steps you plan to take to develop further as a leader. These steps should build off of the analysis you do in this paper and be specific, actionable items rather than a general statement of areas you can improve.
( 5%) – Grammar/Writing

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Leadership Self Evaluation
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Because the paper requires the results for Survey 1 and 2 to complete it, be sure to save the results summary shown as you finish each survey. This is a custom page created for you, and there is no way to recover it once you close the page. Your only option if you don’t save it will be to take the surveys again

Survey 1 and 2 result uploaded in files.

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