Importance of the accommodation services in the tourism industry.

1- Let’s discuss about the importance of the accommodation services in the tourism industry.In echoing the massacre in Las Vegas in 2017, Wynn Hotel added the metal detectors at its entrance on 10/3/2017, two days after this tragedy. The big debate has been initiated about whether or not hotels will get airport-style measures after this deadly shooting. Please discuss this topic either from the hotel manager’s perspective or the customer’s perspective.
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2- The FB is always served as the critical part of personal travel itineraries as well as the essential component in the tourism industry. Let’s look at this topic!
Food has served as a very popular attraction for the destination marketing. However, it is also critical to think about the authenticity of food. For example, most people think food from Panda Express is a real Chinese food but, actually, it might be “pseudo” Chinese food. From a tourist perspective, do you think the authenticity is a critical issue for the food tourism? Or do you feel it is all right even you understand the authenticity of food is staged? why and why not?

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Importance of the accommodation services in the tourism industry.
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