Identification, accuracy, and significance

Sneha, this paper provides a wealth of information, based on both literature and personal experience, however, after reading I’m still very confused about what you have tried to achieve. You never made it clear what your intention or purpose is about that stated myth. Did you agree it is myth and you intended to further de-construct it? Or did you disagree that it is a myth and therefore offer arguments to say it is not? The majority of your data and analysis seem to touch on both sides, but then you never stated this paper is not to take a stand and just gives balanced review of the issue. What is the issue? In addition, most of what you write about in the paper is on education policies and changes especially with regards to standards and tests, but you have to argue how they are related to the myth which is really about teaching critical thinking vs, teaching facts. Sorry if I have misunderstood you, but it should have been a straightforward paper and I’m afraid you had been off topic. I welcome revision and resubmission if you like.


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Identification, accuracy, and significance
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I wrote the paper and I did not take a side – I intend to say that it is wrong to say “The schools are wasting their time trying to teach problem-solving, creativity, and general thinking skills; they would be better off teaching the facts students need to succeed in school and later life

I have not organized the document well and the follow is not too great either.

RUBRIC – Items to grade Score Your score



Topic: Identification, accuracy, and significance (per the 4 options) 5


Research and literature support: Sufficiency, relevance,

and significance 5


Use of personal experience: Relevance and significance 5


Analysis and arguments: Reasonableness, coherence and clarity 5


Voice and position: Clarity, strength, and coherence 5


Writing: Organization, grammar/syntax, vocabulary, 3

sentence structure, and punctuation


Writing: APA style in citations and referencing 2

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