Happily ever aging?

This paper should include two discussions and 4 replies with the reply’s being more than 75 words

Thinking ahead and trying to sort it all out

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Happily ever aging?
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As we wrap up our semester we can’t overlook the profound changes we are all experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as I write this, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Think about where you are now in your life in terms of your own development (physically, cognitively and psychosocially). What do you worry about for each domain? What are you short and long term concerns? What are your hopes? Have you had to change your education plans? These should be enough questions to get us started.


disscussion 1 The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought so many unexpected changes and uncertainty to us, our society, and the entire world. These changes have affected every single aspect of our daily lives from the new way we have to go out in public wearing face coverings/ masks, to business’ closing partially or some even permanently, canceled travel, canceled schools, and even everyone having to quarantine themselves at home. In terms of my own development, I have actually taken this time to improve my well-being all around. Now that I have had the time, I have been able to focus on my health, eating properly, and working out. I have also been able to take time for myself and do the things that I enjoyed such as reading and taking personal time to relax and get my life back on track. I am actually glad that I have been given this time to be home with my daughter. I am able to be apart of her growth and development. Some of the short and term concerns that I have are the effect this pandemic has had on the economy and the psychological well-being of others. I do not think that things will probably ever go back to normal. I think that a lot of people will eventually go back out in public but will continue to wear masks/ face coverings. I am afraid that the children will be most affected by this pandemic because they are being taught that social distance is the norm. I feel that they will not have the chance to have a normal childhood like we did growing up. Even in schools, I have seen that many schools that plan to open up partially by having certain students come in only on certain days and the others to follow, but they will still have to sit in, pretty much, a plastic cage while in the classroom. Students will have lost a sense of structure and closeness with their peers.,

Disscution 2—The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many profound changes to society. In terms of my own development I feel very stunted. Physically I am able to continue with some light athletic work, but have not been to a gym since the pandemic started. I hope that my abilities don’t diminish too much, but understand that I have not had the opportunity to push my body as hard as I am used to. Additionally, cognitively I am unsure if much has changed. However, I am adapting to spending way more time with myself than usual. Although there have been periods in my life where I have had to do that as well. However, many tasks such as driving and problem solving are still being used everyday. Psychosocially is a domain where larger concerns arise. I think I may require time adjusting to social interactions again when this is all said and done. Additionally, I believe many have had a hard time trying to adjust to life without much social interaction.My hopes are that this virus will not cost many more people’s lives. However, that is highly dependent on leadership of a country. I am hopeful that those who survive will adjust, although there are many lasting complications that can come from just having COVID. I will continue to pursue my education plans, even though the pandemic may have made me a weaker candidate. However, I believe many schools will adjust for that discrepancy.

Happily ever aging?

Please read the resources posted for this chapter, then answer the following:

How do you imagine you will handle your own successful aging after age 65? How long do you hope to live, and what would you like your life to look like?Will you gradually withdraw from the world to enjoy peace and solitude do the things you want to do, like read or relax, according to the disengagement theory of successful aging? Or do you imagine you will want to continue an active life full of socializing, volunteer work, being with family, going on trips, etc., according to the activity theory of successful aging? Tie your speculations into how you view your personality today. For example, are you a loner who prefers peace and quiet leisure activities like reading or watching TV? Or, are you an extrovert who only finds real happiness out with friends and doing some activity like dancing or taking exercise classes? Try to paint a picture of your life at 65 or older. What do you need to be doing now to ensure your plan will happen

After answering the 2nd qustion please reply to these two different disscutions
. Disscution 1— Death is inevitable. There is no doubt that a day will come when we all will breathe our last and say our final greetings to our loved ones. As Paul Saul said, “just a few people make plans for their death when reaching the final stages of their life.” Saul makes an excellent point when he talks about having conversations about death. I think it is sacred, and the thought of it is highly unpleasant, so families don’t even want to approach the conversation. I know I am immortal, so I want to die with my family around me. If not all of them, at least most of them. I want to feel loved and cared for before breathing my last. If we open up to the idea of death and accept that it is inevitable at any time, we protect ourselves and also give posterity a reason to celebrity my life.


Age 65 is a milestone; when you reach the age of retirement. Though I am an introvert, I want to have an exciting and adventurous old age experience. When I get to the age of 65, I do not want to be confined to a nursing home or family. Neither do I want to be a burden on my family. I also don’t want to wake up every day, carrying on a regular boring routine and relaxing in bed. At the age, I want to live a philanthropic life like Warren Buffet. I am not talking about being a billionaire but using the little I have in my saving to impact the lives of others and make the world a better place. Also, I might consider volunteering for NGOs and starting my agency to train young soccer players. I don’t want to be a dull pensioner. I want to make each day of my last days a happy one. At the age, many want to step back a little, relax, and hope for a peaceful death. But I believe a man dying while fighting for his dreams is the most honorable form of death. I don’t have a fancy wish to spend my last days going on vacations in Paris or the Bahamas. I want to give back to society and be remembered as a hero of my generation.


Discussion 2 One interesting takeaway about aging was discussed by Peter Saul. He stated “you live to be a great age, and unfortunately, increasing longevity does mean more old age, not more youth” (2011). This was an interesting insight, because with increased life expectancy, the length of time spent at an older age increases. However, the amount of time spent at a youthful age does not. This means that with current trends, understanding and planning for old age becomes essential.

It is hard to imagine what life would be like for me after 65. However, I would hope to live for as long as I can healthily. Having worked in various health care facilities, aging gracefully is something I will not take for granted. However, if I am able to remain healthy I would like to remain engaged in society. It seems it is easy for many aging members of society to withdraw from all current events and social updates (Disengagement Theory vs Activity Theory, n.d.). This can come with many negative aspects, such as the realization that one can’t perform physical or cognitive tasks like they used to. However, successfully aging means one can find replacement activities that will keep them engaged in society.

I would like to spend time on hobbies such as writing and keeping up with independent films when I get older. Many of my physical activities may have to be reduced in intensity. However, I think incorporating hiking or something that allows me to enjoy it despite being physically less able would allow me to successfully age. I would spend my time mixed between being an introvert and an extrovert as I seek social contact, but not an excessive amount. To ensure these things happening, I would need to maintain relationships with close ones now as well as focus on my health.

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