For this paper, explore the role in epic telling (or the genre of epic) of the Hero’s Return for the society/ the people of a community.
Here are some guiding questions in your approach to answer the prompt:
1.What does the hero’s return have to do with the heroic theme of immortality (especially after death)?
2.In what way(s) does the hero (often the king of a group) embody his society?
3.If the king or hero is meant to lead his society, why is it important he “return” from his quest(s) or journey(s) changed in some way?
• Please cite examples from the text(s) in question.
• Your paper must be 2-3 pages in length, with your works cited list as an additional page.
• Please write and cite in MLA style, double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font.
• Your paper must be pledged.
• Please upload the paper directly to Moodle by the due dates indicated in the syllabus. (Sunday October 14 by midnight for draft and Monday October 25th by midnight for polished version)

In addition to any general questions of the paper in class, you are also welcome to make an appointment with me to discuss the paper in progress.
Example of properly formatted MLA style paper on next page:

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Last Name Here 1
Full Student Name
Core 101
Dr. Wynter Parks
Date Due Here
Title (make up one)
Begin Introduction paragraph here. Remember, you want to orient your reader to the work(s) you are analyzing, and to the specific element you are focusing on in that/those works and you are putting your thesis statement in this introduction.
Begin first paragraph point here. Remember that you will have a paragraph for each point that you make that supports your thesis. In each paragraph, you will have a topic sentence that provides the main line of argument for this point. You will “show” the text by providing an appropriate quote that goes with this paragraph point, and you will cite the quote properly (Othello IV. iii. 185) (Gil. I. 48) (Ant.214) as well as explain your point.
Move on to your second point and make use of transition words in your lead-in sentence that signal to the reader if this next point is along the same lines (but different example to support your thesis) or if it contrasts with the previous example (but it still supports your overall argument/thesis). That way, the reader knows what is coming, is following your logic and the way you are setting up your defense of your overall thesis. You will need a quote of the text to support the point as well as your explanation of it
Move on to the third point. In your papers you will have at least two points because you are analyzing across two or more texts. Make your main paragraph point signaling how this instance you are analyzing supports your overall argument/thesis. It should be interlocking with your other point(s) to support your main argument, but it should differ in some way. Back it up with a quote that fits and explain it.
Your conclusion should sum up using different words what you have just finished proving in the body of your paper. You will then attempt to make a connection to what was brought out in the works around the theme of the prompt with the human condition in general, or to contemporary society/our moment in time. Basically, any kind of broadening to show your reflection on this topic, in terms of relevance or relatability to the course Narratives of the Self, to humans in general, to our modern-day context will be appropriate.

On separate page:

Works Cited (this is centered on the page)

Foster, Benjamin ed. The Epic of Gilgamesh. W.W. Norton & company: New York, London, 2001.
Niane, D.T. Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali. Présence Africaine 1960.

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