Financing modeling

For Step 1:

Research in specialized papers, Internet, Government, Banks, etc., the different types of financing and its cost, this for entrepreneurs and companies:
Triple F (Friends, Family and Fools)
Seed capital
Venture capital
Nacional Financiera
Incubators y acelerators
Credit given by National Banking
Your delivery must include: financing sources, characteristics, monto de financing amount and its cost.

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Financing modeling
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For Step 2:

Simulate different proportions (scenarios) of debt and common capital, and estimate the cost of capital – Your professor will give you initial proportions and you will have to use different ones to do this activity, argue your answers.

Make your activity in Word for step 1 or use Excel, it depends on your professor, but do step 1 and 2 in different sheets. For step 2 show your financing sources and its costs, also each of the 10th scenarios with the debt and capital costs and explain which is the structure that represents for Juan the lowest financing cost, the original or a better one of the different simulations you made. Argue your answer.

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