Drug Therapies for Respiratory Disease

Drug Therapies for Respiratory Disease, Hematopoietic Disease, and Cancer

Follow the instructions, “How do I view all groups in a course as a student”
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to see your assigned group for this assignment. In your small groups, complete the case studies. Once the case studies are complete, only one member of your group should submit the answers.

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Drug Therapies for Respiratory Disease
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Inhaler use:

Mr. Chen asks the nurse how he should be instructing his 14-year-old child to use the newly prescribed inhaler.

In your post explain how you as a nurse would teach Mr. Chen and his son.
Include how, when, and why using scholarly sources.


Ms. New was prescribed ipratropium to help with her COPD.

Explain how ipratropium is different than Albuterol.
How and when should this medication be administered?


A patient came to the ED complaining of new-onset white patches in his mouth. After asking a detailed medication history you discover that he has been prescribed a glucocorticoid steroid inhaler. Being an astute nurse, you know this is a type of infection caused using a steroid inhaler.

What type of infection is this?
What are the instructions you should give all patients that are prescribed steroid inhalers?


Erythropoietic Growth Factors:

A 25-year-old patient was recently diagnosed with acute non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After reviewing his laboratory studies the oncologist orders an erythropoietic growth factor called epoetin alfa.

What is the purpose of this medication?
What are the major uses and complications of this medication?
What should you as a nurse educate this patient on for when this medication?

Combination of chemo and surgery:

A 38-year old female arrives at the infusion clinic that you are working at. She states that she has already had a double mastectomy and is not sure why the oncologist is ordering chemotherapy since she has already had her breast removed.

Why would an oncologist order chemotherapy in addition to surgery?
What are the benefits of using a combination of chemotherapy to treat cancer?
What are some of the topics you should discuss with a patient that is here for her first chemotherapy treatment?

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