Designing Qualitative Research DISCUSSION – WEEK 3


NOTE: Please use APA 7th ed. for referencing and in-text citations please!! (NO .com references! Only scholarly and peer-reviewed!!!) If you do not have a completed reference (where you retrieved it from if no doi…..), I will cancel the order!!

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Designing Qualitative Research DISCUSSION – WEEK 3
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NOTE: USE SEVERAL IN-TEXT CITATIONS and pages from one reference (below) is attached. You will have to find the other three!
-Merriam, S., & Tisdell, E. (2015). Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass.
In Module 3 by creating a proposal for a qualitative research project. Remember: qualitative research focuses on the “how” and the “why.” So… let’s avoid research questions beginning with “what,” “do,” “can,” and the like. If your research question can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” then it’s not a good research question! And, things to complete this week:1. M3 Designing Qualitative Research Discussion Here, you will go through all the components of designing a qualitative research proposal. We have the usual culprits here… a title to your project, the main research question(s) that you wish to answer (see above for tips), which type of qualitative methodology you wish to use, the number of participants needed (hint: don’t go above 10 or 12 in any case. Trust me on this), and the like.

Discussion Question for week 3 is to please address the following thoroughly:
Address the following:
Discuss how a person might go about selecting and defining a qualitative research topic.

What do you think might be the most difficult aspect in selecting a qualitative research topic and defining the research problem?

What strategies would you suggest to overcome the difficulties you have identified?

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