Applying three microeconomics concepts.

The objective of this assignment is to empower your strategic thinking and communicaton skills. These are two important skills that employers are looking for from college graduates.

After reading the CNBC article about Amazon’s Prime Day Challlenges, write an essay applying 3 microeconomic concepts, that you have studied in this course, to the CNBC article.

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Applying three microeconomics concepts.
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Your essay must be at least 250 words in length, include 5 paragraphs, show your strategic thinking skills and be professionally communicated. Your grade on this assignment will reflect how your strategic thinking and composition compares to your classmates.

Your composition will either increase (+1 to +5) or decrease (-5) your Exam 3 grade. If you do not do post your essay, on Discussions, before the due date and time, your Exam 3 grade will be decreased by -5 points.

Here is a Link to the CNBC article:
(Links to an external site.)
Amazon’s Prime Day is shaping up to be its most challenging one yet.

Make the most of this opportunity to showcase your strategic thinking and commmunication skills.



The three microeconomics you can use is scarcity, comparative advantage, production possibility frontier.\, or any other concept you believe you can use.

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