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Overview and Rationale

Being able to utilize big data tools to work with big data is an essential element of today’s analytics. This means being able to analyze data, find, report on, and explain key patterns, statistics, and elements of the data through reports, presentations and development of dashboards.

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One Word and One Code file
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Assignment Summary

Begin the analysis of your big data set by completing a basic analysis with an associated dashboard. To do this,

  • Using R or Tableau to create a basic dashboard for this data that will allow a user to see these attributes of the data.

Identify three insights based on the data (consider how data is clustered, correlations between data or other patterns in the data). Provide an overview and purpose of each element of the dashboard that you include. This information should reflect the work you did in your analysis.

This assignment should be no more than 1-2 pages in length.

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