Journal 800 words

Answer 2 questions:

  1. Research Community Needs Assessment Resources in M7 Readings and select one or two that you think would be most helpful to help guide your group project work. Explain your reasons. NOTE: You are not limited to those listed in the Resources section so feel free to do your own research!

2. After reviewing what a Community Needs Assessment consists of, what areas do you need more instruction or guidance on? (e.g. interviews, survey development, etc.)

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Journal 800 words
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All journal assignments are private between you and us (Instructor and Assistant only).

You will write a total of five reflection entries on Canvas over the course of the semester. They will be open ended and worth a maximum of 10 points each. All together the entries will be worth 15% of your total grade. The criteria for the papers are as follows:

  • Be a reflection of deeper thought or opinion about something said, read, presented or discussed in class or in the readings, videos or podcasts. If we covered it then it is open for a discussion.
  • Must express an opinion or feeling about a topic, cannot be a simple summary of a topic.
  • Be 600-1000 words I will not read or grade a paper that is more or less than this word count. This is not arbitrary. If you were to continue into public health as a field you will often be asked to write to a word count.
  • You can use any font, font size or formatting you desire as long as I can read it.
  • Do not get caught up in grammar, spelling or organization. This is meant as a process for you to consider and think about the material, not an example of writing style and training.

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