IT-Company Consult Debrief

We have completed milestone one and two in the past weeks. Now we have to complete final project(4 Pages).

Please read the guidelines and rubric pdf file for complete instruction.

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IT-Company Consult Debrief
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You must choose PayPal app. thats what I have chosen for milestone one and two. feedback from professor is “excellent work” for both milestone.

In this course, you have been exposed to the fundamentals of human-computer interaction (HCI). In real-world settings, you may be called upon to advocate for the end user in the development of IT applications and systems. In the final project, you will employ user-centered methodologies to analyze an existing web application and make recommendations for improving the application to meet the end user’s needs.

Guidelines for Submission: Your company consult debrief should be submitted as a Word document that uses double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA-style citations. The debrief itself (not including the title page and resources) should be 4 pages in length.

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