Computer & Telecom Networks

Computer & Telecom Networks

The part I need to cover for my group work is Ping.

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Computer & Telecom Networks
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  • Each student is expected, as part of a two-person or three-person team, to present to the class an interactive Hands-On Exercise from the textbook. The grade for this will be a group grade based on preparedness, performance and keeping classmates engaged with the material. Please avoid being boring! Make use of all group members, with roles geared toward the three items in the grading rubric mentioned above. The schedule for presentation is matched closely with the date we cover the chapter material.

1a Windows networking (Page 43)Text book

. Business Data Networks and Security, Ninth Edition, by Raymond R. Panko and Julia L. Panko, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-274293-1, ISBN-10: 0-13-274293-4

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