Story Corp: Listening is an Act of Love

Story Corp: Listening is an Act of Love: NPR also has a program entitled “StoryCorp” This program reminds us that “Listening is an Act of Love.” We learn about each other through dialogue. An important part of that dialogue is listening to each other. Through listening, we learn. StoryCorps is an organization that brings us together to share our interpersonal experiences. For this assignment, you will “listen” to the voices of “two people who are important to each other.”

What’s Their Story? For this assignment, you will “listen” to stories about what others believe. Focus on stories that tie to the course material. That is, the topics should address some aspect of interpersonal connections and/or relationships. Before you post your assignment, you will need to do the following:

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Story Corp: Listening is an Act of Love
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  • Open (Links to an external site.)
  • Find a podcast with at least 3 stories with a theme that addresses interaction/relationships.
  • You will analyse all 3 stories in the podcast. If there are more than 3 stories, pick the three you like best and leave the rest.
  • Listen to each story and take notes.

Body of Essay Instructions: Once you have taken notes about the stories, you will write an essay response. In the body of your post, you must include:

  • Paragraph 1: Start with information/history about the website and its purpose (be brief).
  • Paragraph 2, 3, & 4: Analysis of each story:
    • Start with a brief overview of the story for the reader.
    • Summarize of the author’s core belief and the way this belief has shaped life in the past or present.
    • Answer each of the following questions in your 1-2 paragraph summary of each story:
      • How do they establish their own unique voice through each essay? Explain what you got out of the essay/story.
      • What did you have in common with the essay/story? What connection do you have to the belief? If you did not have any thing in common or connect with story, explain how you responded emotionally and intellectually to these experiences.
      • What experiences have shaped the lives of each? How does each respond, physically or emotionally, to these experiences?
    • Include working hyper-links to the podcast you used for this assignment at then end of the last body paragraph.
  • Paragraph 5: Finish up this bad-boy with a proper and brief conclusion.

Upon completion, your (original) post should:

  • have a clear/short introduction, a detailed body of analysis and a clear/conclusion.
  • be 800-900 words in length.
  • include a clear in-text citation (text chapter, page number) of materials from our textbook.
  • use “quotation marks” around words that are not yours! That is, when using word-for-word materials from the textbook, use quotation marks.
  • not include a reference page.
  • be free of spelling and grammar errors.
  • represent college-level writing

Peer Responses: You are required to post two peer responses using the same criteria used for Chapter DB peer responses: 150 words per response and 1 textbook reference with citation per peer response.

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