Security Management

Using the library and Internet, search for information about security management organizations. One example might be a silo structure, which is vertical or hierarchical with both reporting and responsibilities. A second example might be a security working group (WG), which is a service with enterprise-wide participation. Complete the following:

  • Begin by making a choice of 3 priority security expectations for any security organization.
    • Justify your choices, and explain why other choices may not have been sufficient.
    • For each expectation, compare how it is achieved through both the silo and the WG organizational structures.
  • For each organizational structure, compare the roles that have security responsibilities.
    • For example, the chief security officer (CSO) has high visibility in both the silo and WG structures, but significant differences in leadership directions.
  • Acknowledge role differences, and justify changes with their responsibility assignments for each structure.

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Security Management
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