Problem-solution Essay Assignment

For this assignment, write a well-developed 3-4 page essay (750-900 words) in which you research a problem, look for alternative solutions, and recommend the most effective solution using credible evidence.

Essay structure:
Introduction: The essay should have a one-paragraph introduction in which you define and analyze the problem. You may consider answering one or more of these questions to develop the introduction:

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Problem-solution Essay Assignment
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Define the Problem

  • What is the specific problem that you are concerned about?
  • In stating this problem, what terms, concepts, or ideas need to be defined?

Analyze the Problem

  • What is the history of the problem?
  • What are the causes of the problem?
  • What methods (approaches, laws, policies, etc.) exist for dealing with the problem?
  • What are the limitations of these methods?

The introduction ends with a thesis that: 1) presents a solution to the problem OR 2) presents a narrowed version of problem with a solution.

Body paragraphs: The body paragraphs should follow one of the structures outlined in the materials linked on Module 6. You can expand one the questions above (Define/Analysis of the problem) to develop this part of the essay.

Credible evidence: You need to find evidence to support your ideas. You should use at least two sources in the essay to support your ideas.

Conclusion: The conclusion must restate the thesis and offer an opinion or reflection based what the analysis you presented in the essay.

MLA Style & Formatting:Your essay should be formatted according to MLA and you will need to cite the video in your bibliography.

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