Individual appraisal paper


– MAKE SURE TO HAVE FULL BOOK OR DONT BID (MUST USE BOOK IN PAPER) Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses” by Schmidt and brown edition 4

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Individual appraisal paper
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-Read your selected and approved article. Using Schmidt and Brown as a reference, compare how each area is defined by Schmidt and Brown and if the selected article meets the criteria (see Chapter 15, Box 15-1). Please note that “discuss” means that you do not simply answer the questions, but explore the material in a scholarly manner based on what was learned in class and from the text. The course textbook “Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses”will be the main source of citation. The objective is to assess if the authors of the article met the criteria as discussed by Schmidt & Brown and or the CASP tool. You are not to rewrite what the authors wrote but to include a small excerpt or example from the article then demonstrate via course resources whether the evidence is well-written. Do not use long verbatim quotes from the article. Very few short quotes (one sentence) may be used but should be limited.

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