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Health & Medical writing
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  1. Healthcare services are provided in a variety of settings besides the acute care hospital, such as physician office, ambulatory surgery center, long-term care, home health, and rehabilitation centers. Although some healthcare networks include many of these within their network, there remains some independent healthcare facilities. From a documentation of medical care perspective, what challenges are presented for those healthcare facilities that remain independent?
  1. Accreditation standards, licensing requirements, federal and state statutes, and payer policies are among the guidelines that hospitals follow for clinical documentation in health records. There are times when these guidelines, regulations, and policies conflict with each other. One example is record retention. What would do you do when these regulations conflict with one another?
  1. With a majority of hospitals using electronic health records, what issues arise when a hospital want to purchase another entity, such as a physician practice or home health agency, and the entity continues to be in the paper-based world or using another electronic health record system?
  1. With the increase in healthcare identity theft, do you think that biometric authentication is necessary within the healthcare field? If you do not think that it is necessary, then why? If you do think that it is necessary, then which type of biometric authentication do you think would be most effective and which would be better received by the patients?
  1. The Manhattan Research and Physician Channel Adoption Study found that physician ownership and use of mobile devices is common place, with 875 using a smartphone or tablet devices in their workplace, compared to 99% who use a computer, approximately 66% of physicians own a tablet computer, 54% use them in their practice. Similar results were shown in a survey of medical school faculty, residents, and students (Ventola, 2014, 356). Physicians and other medical professionals need instant access to information to provide healthcare anytime and anywhere. Mobile devices create a level of uninterrupted connectedness; however these devices create a level of security risk. These risks are associated with devices being lost or stolen, viruses, and unauthorized access to patient information by unintended users if the phone is lost or stolen.
  1. How can the risk associated with mobile devices be decreased?
  2. Since the implementation and adoption of EHRs, why has it become more prevalent for medical staff to have constant and consistent access to health information?

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