Economic Geography Activity Work

Activity 3 – Agriculture and Space

  1. Choose ONE item from your breakfast (or really ANY food item you wish!)
  2. ‘Research’ where it came from (a simple search of the company website will suffice…!)
  3. Submit a brief write up including:
    1. What Geographic Region the item originates in? ALSO, where is the corporate headquarters for the item you chose?
    2. How many miles from your home are both of those?
    3. What form of transportation (do you think) was used to get the item to market?
    4. Include an image of the headquarters and region(s) within which the item is (primarily) made?

EXAMPLE: General Mills Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN (I don’t have a picture of the region within which the wheat for instance is grown, but you get the idea!)

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Economic Geography Activity Work
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