Correlation coefficient

1.) Graph and calculate the correlation coefficient the following relationships:

A. Forearm CSA vs. Grip Strength

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Correlation coefficient
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B. Bicep CSA vs. Bicep Curl

2.) Use smooth line scatter to graph the following relationships:

A. Bicep Strength EMG Data: EMG Amp vs. Resistance (lb.)

B. Bicep Fatigue EMG Data: EMG (mv) vs Time(s)

Discussion Questions:

1.) What is the relationship between CSA and strength? (see results 2A & 2B) explain

2.) What is a motor unit? What does a motor unit have to do with EMG?

3.) In detail, explain why EMG amplitude increases when load increases.

4.) Describe the difference between the effects concentric and eccentric contractions have on EMG tracings. Why does this occur?

5.) What happens to EMG during fatigue? Why does this occur?

*Make sure that Time & Resistance are on X-axis

I uploaded a graphing guide that gives you step by step how to do the graphs. I also uploaded the raw data that you will use for this assignment. And a word document just to give you an idea what this lab was about and where the raw data numbers came from.

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