This is Psychology 120 questions

This is Psychology 120, the following questions using your own words. If you are using evidence from the book or any other resource you must provide the correct citation. Answer each part of the question and each question separately

1. Briefly discuss the phenomenon of drug abuse in the context of five different psychological perspectives.

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This is Psychology 120 questions
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2. Describe the basic structure of a research experiment. Include the definition and purpose of the hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, control group, experimental group, and random assignment.

3. Explain what behavioral geneticists mean by the term heritability and why it is frequently misunderstood. Provide one example of low heritability and one example of high heritability.

4. Describe the controversy over whether routine vaccinations in children cause autism. What is the current interpretation of the scientific evidence? What has been a consequence of parental concerns about a potential link between routine vaccinations and autism?

5. Give an example of a highly stressful circumstance that you have experienced (or you may create a fictitious scenario) and discuss the various physiological changes that would occur at each stage of Selye’s general adaptation syndrome as a result of that event.

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