The world’s automotive industry

In your assigned syndicate groups, you are to study part of the world’s automotive industry, using some materials that we will provide you with, and other materials from your research.

In particular, trace the history of Toyota. Compare its evolution with at least one of the American companies, GM and Ford. Use frameworks from our subject such as in strategy, innovation, quality, Lean, best practices, manufacturing strategy, in your work.

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The world’s automotive industry
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Consider also the advances made by Tesla in recent years, and the new technology opportunity.

To get your reading started, two articles from Fortune Magazine are attached below in this file, and Paul Adler’s article from Harvard Business Review will be very useful. I am also including below, a six part case study I wrote about how Toyota managed its plant closure in Australia.

You should independently find at least five other sources of information. This can include Toyota’s own website, alongside similar sources for GM or
Ford, and academic and business sources.

Set out your report with an executive summary, an introduction, a ‘body’ where you make your main points (classified with headings), and conclusions, followed by listing your references. 4000 words limited.

I attached other reading materials but I’m not sure if you could use it. This is a research paper. I will send you the rest of the materials when the question is assigned

the professor wants us to use “his framework” to explain the two company, I will send some lecture PDF as well, but also, you might not need it.

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