TechSavvy:ty – electronic repair shop

Please follow the instructions!
I have page 300-303 in the additional materials slot. Also the mission statement, 4p’s cost and additional info is located in the additional materials slot. Add pictures at the end of the business plan

Professor instructions below:
This is a cursory business plan. It should be good enough to use as a basis for developing a real one, if you see fit to do so. To prepare it, see “Building a Business Plan” (Bamford & Bruton, 2016, pp. 300-303). Skip the executive summary. Write each section in paragraph form, with no tables, graphs, or bulleted lists. Prepare separate appendices for tables, graphs, and illustrations. Then simply refer to the appendices in the appropriate sections. Follow these guidelines:

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TechSavvy:ty – electronic repair shop
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Company Mission

Start with “History and Position of the Business to Date,” which you may call simply “Mission and Description.” Use only the relevant part of Business Plan Part I. Save the strategic part for later. Improve your original commentary. Refer to the bulleted list for further ideas, but refrain from creating bulleted lists in your own work. Write everything strictly in paragraph form.


Continue with “Market Research,” which you may call simply “Marketing.” Use Business Plan Part III for this. Separate any portion that refers strictly to strategy, as that should go in the next section below. Improve your original commentary. As before, refer to the bulleted list for ideas.


Now proceed with “Business Strategy,” or simply “Strategy.” Use the relevant portion of your commentary from Business Plan Parts I and III that apply here. By now, you will have thought through this issue more deeply, as reflected in your approach to the marketing section. Use those insights to improve upon your original Discussion Board commentary for this section.

Financial Analysis

Improve upon your prior work from the Discussion Board. Include only the discussion portions. Relegate the budget and projected cash flow tables to appendices (no other tables are necessary). Merely reference the appendices here (e.g., “see Appendix A”). As you enhance your discussion, focus on exploring ways to control costs, such as leasing equipment, negotiating with suppliers for credit, and holding off on hiring people (e.g., using independent contractors for a while).


This is your last section. Use only the first nine bulleted items in the textbook to guide discussion about how you will organize your value chain. As always, avoid writing in bullet form. To use images or tables (e.g., critical path—but these are optional), create appendices to reference.


See the syllabus. The minimum length is 1,375 words, which you will easily surpass. There is no upper limit. As the syllabus states, use correct, formal English (e.g., no contractions, colloquial expressions, or quirky comma-phobic stream-of-consciousness meanderings). Above all, avoid duplicating long strings of words from outside sources. Good luck!

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