Preparation: Before you start planning and writing:

Assignment Overview:

In this class, we’ve spent time talking and thinking about the referral process, the Individualized Education Program (IEP), and your role as a preschool teacher. For this assignment, you will be taking that information and going to the next stage… how will you support a child with a disability in your preschool classroom.

I’m providing you with several possible sample IEPs (Links to an external site.) that you will use in completing this assignment. You will only choose ONE IEP to use, but you can explore all of them. I spent a lot of time researching possible samples and this list from the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stoke Association has the best examples. All the information you need is in the IEP itself. (Hemiplegia is impairment or paralysis on one side of the body).

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Preparation: Before you start planning and writing:
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Assignment Directions:

Preparation: Before you start planning and writing:

1. Read the IEP completely. Do not rush through this. You will be using the information in the IEP.

2. Identify the annual goals for this child. These are the broad, long term expectations for the child’s improvement. Example: The child will increase her adaptive skills in order to function more independently in the classroom setting.

3. Identify the Objectives or Benchmarks for this child. These are the short term, specific, and measurable tasks/abilities that the child will accomplish that must be mastered for the child to reach the goals. Example: The child will participate in an activity, using classroom tools such as playdough, crayons, paint, etc., independently.

Completion of Assignment: After you’ve finished reading the IEP and after you understand the difference between goals and objectives:

1. Choose THREE of the possible objectives specified in the IEP.

2. For each of the three objectives, describe two activities that you could plan and share in the preschool classroom that would help this child meet the objective. (3 objectives X 2 activities = 6 activities total)

3 . For each of the six activities, justify or provide a rationale for WHY you chose that activity as one that would help the child meet the objective.

Format of Assignment: What you will submit in Canvas:

1. Which IEP did you choose = name (if available) and age of the child with a very brief description of the child’s special needs/disability.

2. Objective #1: activity #1 + why selected; activity #2 + why selected.

3. Objective #2: activity #1 + why selected; activity #2 + why selected.

4. Objective #3: activity #1 + why selected; activity #2 + why selected.

5. Summary about the insights you gained though this assignment.

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