PCN-610 Biopsychosocial Assessment

Consider the character from the case study and complete a biopsychosocial assessment using the provided biopsychosocial template. Use the provided option 2 case study to thoroughly complete the Psychosocial Assessment Template PART 1. Use descriptive clinical language as a graduate student of professional counseling would be required. Please note…only the information highlighted in yellow need to be completed. Utilize the APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to identify identifying information and presenting problem vernacular.

This assignment meets the following NASAC Standards:

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PCN-610 Biopsychosocial Assessment
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25) Gather data systematically from the client and other available collateral sources, using screening instruments and other methods that are sensitive to age, culture and gender. At a minimum, data should include: current and historic substance use; health, mental health, and substance-related treatment history; mental status; and current social, environmental, and/or economic constraints on the client’s ability to follow-through successfully with an action plan.

32) Based on an initial action plan, take specific steps to initiate an admission or referral, and ensure follow-through.

33) Select and use comprehensive assessment instruments that are sensitive to age, gender and culture, and which address: (a) History of alcohol and other drug use (b) Health, mental health, and substance-related treatment history (c) History of sexual abuse or other physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, and/or other significant trauma (d) Family issues (e) Work history and career issues (f) Psychological, emotional, and world-view concerns (g) Physical and mental health status (h) Acculturation, assimilation, and cultural identification(s) (i) Education and basic life skills (j) Socio-economic characteristics, lifestyle, and current legal status (k) Use of community resources (l) Behavioral indicators of problems in the domains listed above.

58) Confirm the client’s eligibility for admission and continued readiness for treatment/change.

59) Complete necessary administrative procedures for admission to treatment.

111) Prepare accurate and concise screening, intake, and assessment reports.

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