Motivation, trust , ethics , decision making

1- During the next coming weeks, try to pay more attention to different behaviors and situations that appear in business context such as:

  • At your work or training organization ( if you are employee or trainee )
  • At governmental or private business location ( if you are a customer )
  • Any unique news or articles about organizational behaviors ( As reader or observer )
  • Other source you feel it is applicable to use.

2- Describe the situation and behavior with all possible aspects and useful details under (Situation`s description)

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Motivation, trust , ethics , decision making
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3- Analyze the situation, and behavior and its connection to our course subjects under (Situation`s analysis)

4- Make your thoughts by providing feedback and recommendations, how to improve the situation or behavior in case of negativity or display your support in case of positivity under (final recommendations).

5- Each week entry, try to use the chapters covered subjects given at the same week which can reinforce the knowledge of materials covered. (motivation, trust , ethics , decision making)

6- Word limit for each entry is (300 words

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