Module 1 information

Please make sure that the responsibilities you note are very very specific and to the point. No ambiguous or doubtful answers are accepted. Remember Feynman article, and also what Einstein said that if you have good understanding of the subject you need to be able to explain it to a child as mush as you can explain it to a professional in the field.

Let me give you an example. Many of you might write “this engineering field helps save the environment”. This is a very broad and ambiguous term because all engineering fields try to do this. What a civil engineer will do in this respect is very different from a plumbing engineer. Be very specific to the point.

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Module 1 information
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Another example: you might want to write “this engineering field and this engineer strategizes to produce economically sound products”. Well, all engineers do this or try their best to do this. Every field has a different approach in minimizing cost and create a economically viable product. Once again you need to be very specific. That is why the duration of this assignment is about a month so you can research properly the specific task.

Another example: “This engineering field design and test equipment”, this is very generic and unacceptable; what equipment are you referring in this statement? for example electrical engineers design lighting and then test it. A plumbing engineer might invent or use a specific valve for flow of water and then test it. You can see the difference between being specific and being general.

Your words and statements matter! do not write something mediocre but something that is specific and meaningful showing your understanding of the subject. Unfortunately in highschool assignments many of these issues are ignored and you face them in college. The sooner you go thru this and train your thought process to be direct toward a target the better off you will be in studying engineering.

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