Leadership assignment

Find and watch the movie “Sully” (2016) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3263904/?ref_=ttls_li_i

After watching the movie, please answer these questions:

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Leadership assignment
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1) How does this film relate to our class about Leadership? Please give examples from the film and tie them into the specific major topics/concepts we have studied in the class text and class so far.

2) What role did the situation play in this scenario (in terms of what was different about it from the other more regular day to day experiences on the pilot’s [and other people involved] job)?

3) How were the major characters prepared for this very unusual situational change (what had they done to prepare for something like this)? Is studying and training enough? Explain.

4) How did these events affect Sully AFTER the incident took place and how did he handle it (overall)? Was he effective? Explain.

5) Summarize what leadership (and personal) lessons YOU (personally) learned from viewing this amazing story.

6) How can you apply what you have learned from viewing and reflecting on this film in your own life and career (as a manager and/or leader)?


Please study the “Six Root Causes of Managerial Incompetence and Derailment” from Chapter 15. Considering you are taking this course, and program, so that you can be a successful manager. You should reflect on these six root causes and discuss how you will work to prevent each of these problems from interfering in your own success as a manager (and also address what you think your own personal challenges will be in doing so). Also share your biggest take aways (lessons learned) in taking this course.

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