Compare Humanists’s ideas

Remember trying to achieve a good balance between prescribed knowledge

in terms of readings and class presentation/discussion, and your own judgement.

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Compare Humanists’s ideas
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Be as exhaustive as given time allows you.

Answer the following questions:

1. Compare Humanists’s ideas (mainly, Pico and Macchiavelli) about human condition on the following: optimism and pessimism regarding human nature, the achievements human being should attain and how to exert power.

2. Describe thoroughly Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic technique and the statement implied concerning objectivity and subjectivity.


3. Explain the significance of Venice as early modern in terms of society, government and economics.

4. We examined what a “barbarian” was, according to a westerner in 1500-1700. Present it in thorough manner and do consider afterwards what would be your own definition of barbarian in the context of the XXIst Century?

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