Case Study: Ocean Carriers

Reference Ocean Carriers PDF to answer the following questions below. This requires a paper analysis and excel spreadsheet for free cash flows.

Question: Should Ms. Linn purchase the capesize carrier?

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Case Study: Ocean Carriers
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‐ that the ship can be sold in the secondhand market for $16 million in 15 years

‐ that Ocean Carriers is based in the U.S. and is subject to a corporate tax rate of 35%

‐ that the net working capital is recovered when the vehicle is sold or scrapped

‐ a cost of capital of 9%

Write about the method analysis for Resale and Depreciation, tax rate, capital, inflation, financing, and finally recommendations. Substantiate the answer with appropriate analyses and show all of your work in exhibits, excel spreadsheets, and Free Cash Flows!

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