Assignment 3 screen capture

  • Provide a screen capture of the backup service working and another screen capture of the completed backup service. You must backup at least 100 files. (10 pts)
  • Answer the question, what should you have on your computer to protect it [List a minimum of 8 items. Each item should have at least a two-sentence explanation of the what and why on your computer should be protected]? (16 pts ).
  • Read the following articles
  • Perform some light research into emerging threats in computer security explain how Malware/Ransomware is evolving and what steps are being used to mitigate risks to users.
    • Provide a ten-sentence overview of current trends [May 2018 or later] in computer security with two supporting sources ( 10 pts)
  • Which operating system is more secure (Mac OS, Windows, or Linux) – support your answer with two sources and six sentences. ( 6 points) Your sources must be sited in your response. Do not use your textbook. The references must be gathered from

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