Assignment #3: Santa Fe Grill Sampling

You are going to develop a sample design proposal for Santa Fe Frill by answering the following:

  1. Should a probability or nonprobability sample be used? Why? (2 pts)
  2. After you have decided on #1 above, what type of sampling should be used – simple random, stratified, convenience etc. Why? (3 pts)
  3. Given your sampling design in #2 above, discuss 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage in your choice. (5 pts)
  4. Given the sampling design in #2 above, how will potential respondents be selected for the study? (5 pts)
  5. In your opinion, what would be a ‘good’ sample size? Be sure to provide a specific number/range of numbers. Otherwise, no credit/grade will be given. Why did you chose this number/range of numbers? Be sure to balance all the factors (such a costs, finding respondents, etc.) before suggesting a number/range of numbers. (5 pts)

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Assignment #3: Santa Fe Grill Sampling
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