Discussing Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo

After you have read the Rulfo short novel, think about the following questions and post substantive answers to several of them:

Who is the main character? Is it Pedro or Juan?

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Discussing Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo
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What is this short novel actually about? Sounds easy, right?

How long do you read before you catch on that something is not just right–what is the first place where you stop and say, “Wait a second, isn’t she dead?” Is it when the lady tells Juan that she has just been talking to his mother? We do know she has died for sure.

How do all of the things that Juan finds out about Comala and his father Pedro affect him?

Which of the different narratives is the most impressive to you? The story combines several stories as told by the various people Juan listens to.

Would you think someone with great knowledge of Mexican history respond to this novel differently than a reader who does not know about the revolution, Pancho Villa, or more?

How important is the religious element in the story? The location of Comala–“near hell” or the use of Purgatory, or the Priest’s story and life as it functions in the story?

If there is something else that you were moved or impressed by and it is not mentioned above, please add a paragraph as you will.

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