Final Project, Financial Analysis of a Corporation

Week 7 Assignment: Final Project, Financial Analysis of a Corporation


Assignment Due Date and Time

  • Week 3 – Submit the company you will be working on.
  • Week 5 – Outline for paper.
  • Week 7 – Paper due
  • Week 8 – PowerPoint due


The purpose of the research paper is to demonstrate your grasp of the concepts you have learned throughout the course and your ability to analyze the financial standings and history of a company. You should be comfortable with choosing a company and:

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Final Project, Financial Analysis of a Corporation
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  1. Read and understand the five basic financial statements
  2. Read and understand the financial components of an Annual Report
  3. Know how to interpret and calculate key financial ratios
  4. Evaluate and form an opinion on the value of a company
  5. Evaluate and explain the risk/reward trade-off of investing in that company



Provide a brief company description (publicly traded company of your choosing):

The financial ratio analysis for a minimum of 3 years, including:

  • An industry comparison
  • The Cash flow analysis.
  • Look at the Annual report, the news, and the company website. Use as many sources as possible and tell me in your own word about the company.

Discuss the cash flow in detail. Talk about investing, operating and financing decisions. Include a final summary of the firm’s financial condition. Make sure to include the Balance Sheet , Income statement, statement of cash flows and any other portion of the annual you used in order for us to check your calculations. You do not need to send the entire annual report.


Submission Instructions

  • Your paper is a 12-15 pages or so including a cover page and references. Use APA formatting (12pt font, double-spaced).
  • Your PowerPoint is an overview of your paper.
    • Include a title page
    • a few slides with the basics – name and history of the company, some financials, etc.
    • PPT’s should not be cluttered with words – your intention is not to have your audience reading as you present – give a couple bullets, some graphs, and walk them through the paper this way.

Grading Criteria


  90-100 – Excellent 75-89 – Good 60-74 – Needs Improvement 59 – Unacceptable / Not submitted
Financial Ratio Analysis


3 year Financial Ratio analysis, including all required components Either not 3 years or missing no more than 1 essential component Not 3 years and/or missing multiple components. See instructor feedback. Nothing submitted or an inadequate submission. See instructor feedback.
Cash Flow Analysis


Detailed analysis of investing, operating, and financing decisions. Final summary of firm’s financial condition is included.

All additional components are included.

Some minor components missing from report and/or additional components not included. Many components need further analysis and/or multiple additional components not included. See instructor feedback. Not submitted or inadequate submission. See instructor feedback.
Grammar and Mechanics


No spelling or grammatical errors 1-2 unacceptable spelling or grammatical errors. 3 or more unacceptable spelling or grammatical errors. Paper is illegible.


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